Our Services

With “buying and selling” as the main engine, it is our services that emphasize our business concept. An extensive assortment of more than 400 Italian food items from a single source; mixed or full loads sent by ship or airfreight that reach any destination where genuine Italian food is needed!

  • Extensive assortment from single source: this is the winning edge of our proposal
  • Mixed or full loads by ship or airfreight within a short timeframe: that’s the advantage our proposition can offer to customers, giving them the option to buy smaller volumes on each single product
  • Sourcing, negotiation, purchasing, organization, transportation and custom’s handling are all taken care of by us, so as to provide our clients with substantial savings in costs, time and effort
  • A deep knowledge of modern and traditional, regional & national Italian food industry grants us the competence to offer our international customers the best solution to any specific need in terms of price, assortment, diversification, from “top quality” niche products to high volume bulks
  • Bespoke services catering to our customers needs: the plus of our proposal