Our Assortment

The orders can be executed on a customized basis, thanks to optimized logistical facilities,. Quantity, delivery and assortment can be adjusted to specific needs. Enlarging the assortment while reducing the stock: our clients will be able to purchase many different products in any desired quantity! Our main market targets are foodservice companies, importers/distributors, catering companies, wholesalers. We do manage all products used in kitchens of restaurants, hotels, caf├ęs, catering facilities for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
pasta di grano duro

Hard Wheat Pasta

  • Standard Shapes

  • Special Shapes

  • Regional Specialties

Paglia e fieno

Egg Pasta

  • Tagliatelle

  • Fettuccine

  • Pappardelle

  • Paglia e fieno

  • Lasagne Sheets

pasta ripiena

Stuffed Pasta

  • Tortellini

  • Ravioli



  • Carnaroli

  • Arborio

  • Vialone Nano

  • Fine Roma

  • Ribe Parboiled

  • Rice with Truffle